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2007-02-26 (Monday)



  1. TV Guide Community: Of Office Emmy Cheers and Acting Careers

    Interesting stuff on how to be an actor in LA. Her professor said, “If you can think of anything else you are passionate about besides acting, do that. Your life will be better for it.” (via Kottke)

  2. Yahoo! Photos - Photos de pvolant - Space Lab

    Pierre’s photos from our class in which we had to make a sculpture representing an anodyne Trashcan Sinatras tune.

  3. Die Stadt, Frans Masereel, 1925

    Great wood cuts. (via City of Sound)

  4. New National Office for Arts Council England

    Interesting site about the history of offices. (via City Of Sound)

  5. Common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents (Browser safe fonts) - Web design tips & tricks

    Because I’m always using losing this and having to Google for it or something similar.

  6. Gwenergy: Stage Fright

    A good New Yorker article on stage fright and how it affects different people.

  7. Mixing It on Resonance FM

    The show will be continuing on Resonance FM.

  8. Mixing It

    How ‘Mixing It’ was nastily dropped from Radio 3’s schedules after years and years.


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    At home, working. Two weeks' "holiday" from college means lots of desigining and coding.