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2009-05-04 (Monday)


  1. Philgyford’s mailman-archive-scraper at master - GitHub

    My first Python code and my first attempt at using GitHub. Suggestions for things I’ve done wrong are welcome, but please be gentle.

  2. The Measures Taken: Penthouse and Pavement

    Longer version of his ‘Guardian’ article, with pictures and links, about the BBC 2 documentary about Sheffield’s brutalist Park Hill estate (worth catching on iPlayer). I wish the developers weren’t able to destroy so much of the place. (via City of Sound)

  3. Schmusic [House is a Feeling]

    An interesting write-up of a talk, with lots of YouTube examples, about Chuck Roberts’ “In the beginning there was jack…” a capella “My House” sermon and how well it works over different instrumentals. (via Soul Sides)

  4. Here & There — a horizonless projection in Manhattan

    I’ve seen these in the flesh and they are very lovely. And a satisfying size. Well done Jack.


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    A quiet, unexciting day indoors. And yet, and yet, I don't want to make it end by going to bed. All is good.

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    Pleased to have overcome my own stubbornness and given up on a book I'd been one third of the way through for several months.