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2013-07-28 (Sunday)


  1. Digital pianos

    Some of what I’ve learned about the digital piano market. Also, how it compares to digital cameras.


  1. Sam Jacob Opinion column on modern protests

    On how vague so many protests are, and how they involve almost random signs, so long as they generate publicity. (via @cityofsound)

  2. kjohnston/pgbackups-archive

    Ruby app for automating offsite backups of a Heroku postgres database to Amazon S3. I was amazed that having set up the various parts the whole thing worked first time. Brilliant.

  3. Messenger bags, Canvas bags & Shoulder bags from Millican

    Some nice looking bags, backpacks, etc. Classic- rather than futuristic-looking, but modern rather than solely nostalgic. I reckon. Also, British. (via Carryology)


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    @infovore @antimega We avoided the hordes and found a nearly empty floor with nothing happening in it. Which was a bit dull :)

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    @blech I added a postscript just for you :)…

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    @blech It did stop abruptly, but I couldn’t think what else to say. I was obviously too subtle when I mentioned which one I bought :)

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    @phl I also read that some pianists will use digitals for their practice drills, so as not to wear out / detune their acoustics.

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    @Turlinator No, this Swan tavern was on King Street, which is roughly the same as today’s Whitehall.…

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    @phl Yes, I guess so. Hadn’t thought about those.

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    I wrote about what I learned and thought over a few months of getting to grips with the digital piano market:…

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    Right, all of you, off my Internets. Anyone who joined post-1997 you'll have to reapply.

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    Remember how you were too nerdy to be cool as a kid but now you’re grown up and nerds are in charge and you finally fit in? lol only joking

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    *buys shed at B&Q*

    B&Q: Are you putting this up yourself?

    Me: No, it's going in the garden.



    B&Q: I can't help you anymore.