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  1. How the Pursuit of Status Shapes Our Aesthetics: Talking with David Marx – Put This On

    Good stuff, from last year. I should read the book. (via Russell’s Afternoon Slow)

  2. How To Develop Good Taste, Pt. 1 — Die, Workwear!

    On how taste, especially in clothing, has changed and become more fragmented.

  3. A Simplified Guide to Clothing Production – The Rosenrot | For The Love of Avant-Garde Fashion

    I do enjoy rough guides on how to start doing something, written from experience.

  4. Die, Workwear! - The Amazing Style of British Cyclists

    Lovely photos, and story, of off-road cyclists in the 1950s in the UK, members of The Rough-Stuff Fellowship. Nice normal clothes.

  5. Die, Workwear! - The Spotlight Effect & Style Anxiety

    I don’t think I knew that the feeling of “I’m wearing something very slightly different than usual and now everyone’s staring at me” had a name.

  6. Techwear – An Observation | The Rosenrot | For The Love of Avant-Garde Fashion

    On the history and current wearers of techwear. “A girl with an out of place chest rig and ill-fitting jacket is a fodder for thirsty boys.”

  7. Sci-fi clothing for the real world? | Ask MetaFilter

    Not that I’d wear any/most of this, but some interesting things.

  8. GSElevator on Wall Street watches - Business Insider

    I love things like this where outside of that little world you’d have no idea about the distinctions.

  9. Blackhorse Lane Ateliers | Selvedge & Raw Denim Jeans | Made In London

    Jeans (and more) made in London, plus workshops to make your own. (via Die Workwear)

  10. I wore men’s clothes for a month – and it changed my life - The F-Word

    On the liberation a woman felt wearing (not otherwise very liberating) men’s suits.

  11. That Summer Vacation Collar

    On casual, summery, shirt collars.

  12. Which house style suits your body shape? - Permanent Style

    Good to have a summary of the basic styles of suit jacket in one place, even if I can barely tell most apart.

  13. ‘Yoga Pants are Ruining Women’ and Other Style Advice From Fran Lebowitz

    “I wish that real estate were cheaper and clothes were more expensive.” “Designers now, they all have these things called mood boards. I suppose they think a sense of discovery equals invention.” “If you walked around New York you would think there was a terrible mirror famine.” (via Kottke)

  14. What We Wore — A People’s Style History

    I do love some of these photos. (via Put This On)

  15. voxsart (via deathbeard): The Merchandizing….

    “Ah, ‘Business Casual.’ Do you know that it comes from this eight page brochure mailed out to about 25,000 corporate human resources types in 1992?”

  16. The SPECTRE Press Conference

    ‘The Suits of James Bond’ turns its very critical eye to what the next film’s actors wore for the press conference. Great/terrifying attention to detail.

  17. Abacost - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Alternatives to the traditional suit jacket are always rather weighted with politics. Mobutu’s Abacost, the Mao suit, the Nehru jacket…

  18. Classic Style and the Suit’s Ideal Proportions

    Using James Bond - specifically ‘The World is Not Enough’ - to illustrate the classic proportions of men’s suits.

  19. A Watch Guy’s Thoughts On The Apple Watch After Seeing It In The Metal (Tons Of Live Photos) — HODINKEE - Wristwatch News, Reviews, & Original Stories

    Interesting to read about the Apple Watch as a highish-end watch, ignoring the software. It compares well. A good point is raised though - traditional watches will last a long time, but how short will the life of an Apple Watch be? (via @GreatDismal)

  20. Building a capsule wardrobe: reader question

    Some suggestions for jackets and trousers for a more casual capsule wardrobe.

  21. Building a New Pants Wardrobe

    Pants as in trousers, of course. I don’t plan to do any of this, but I like “building a wardrobe” articles.

  22. Ivory Tower Style, Online discussion forums are like fish colonies -…

    Some of the most useful or funny old threads on Style Forum. (via Put This On)

  23. Put This On - Fit

    Put This On’s posts on getting suits, shirts, etc to fit well.

  24. Put This On • The Seven-Shoe Wardrobe The longer I write about…

    I was wondering what something like this would look like yesterday, then came across this.

  25. Summer Style When You’re Not Gary Cooper I don’t know if you…

    For this: “on clothing forums … an argument erupts, a bunch of random strangers weigh in, some vociferous poster throws down a 1930s illustration from ‘Apparel Arts’ or a photo of the Duke of Windsor, and everyone simmers down.”

  26. Neapolitan tweed jacket – Elia Caliendo

    Mmmm, yes, maybe that’s the thing. Only *cough* €2800. So maybe not.

  27. How to get a ready-to-wear suit altered - Permanent Style

    I thought I’d saved this before, but obviously not. Not that I’ve ever needed it, but still, interesting.

  28. How to buy my first bespoke suit – reader question - Permanent Style

    Some good advice, but also for the interesting comments, especially from a couple of guys talking about do’s and dont’s in City firms.

  29. Oxford Bags (Put This On)

    Blimey, look at the size of some of those 1920s trousers! They make, say, “Madchester” baggy jeans look like drainpipes.

  30. The relationship between the frequencies of men’s beards and the width of women’s skirts… (Put This On)

    …charted over time from 1823 to 1970. Click through to the paper (from 1976) for more beard-related charts. I’d love to see this extended from 1970 to 2014 though.

  31. Loden top coat from Vergallo

    Nice coat (as you’d expect for €2000). I like the idea of lapels that button up like this, but this one looks somehow unfinished when done up.

  32. How to buy a suit

    Links to previous posts on Permanent Style about the different aspects.

  33. Ian Penman reviews ‘Mod’ by Richard Weight · LRB 29 August 2013

    This is packed with good stuff. The differences between the fans of trad and modern jazz. Mods as continental modernists, aesthetes. Mods compared to other subcultures. “Tellyology”: shaping history with both eyes on a potential TV series. Ray Davies. Miles Davis. Blur. Noel Gallagaher. Today’s Mod revival as a ploddy “dad rock” conservatism. The British Music Experience.

  34. VESTS / Stuff-carrying gear

    Style Forum thread on pocketed waistcoats etc. I’m oddly fascinated by this stuff, and yet almost all of them look ugly and/or ridiculous.

  35. The perils of bespoke casual clothing

    On the difficulty, or pointlessness, of having casual clothes bespoke tailored.

  36. A Tailor Made It: Shirt Rant

    On how a shirt should fit. I’ve seen some horrible, figure-hugging shirts on men. Don’t do it!

  37. Made by Hand- the great Sartorial Debate: Indochino- How did my garment turn out?

    Tips on getting a made-to-measure suit, and an analysis of the good and less-good points on a particular suit.

  38. - Why I wear the same thing every day, and what I wear.

    Great stuff. And yet I still found myself thinking “this is so complicated!” (via Stellar)

  39. Timeless Modern Tactile Functional

    Cos - some nice simple, not too expensive clothes. (via @joroach)

  40. Chris Heathcote: anti-mega: a new fashion aesthetic

    Brilliant. Yes, all this. It saddens me when I look in trendy little fashion shops and it’s all button-up shirts and brogues. Where are the new, wearable clothes of the 21st century?

  41. Ralph Lauren Purple Label

    Taking apart a $4,625 Ralph Lauren coat. Fascinating, and I’d love to read more things like this.

  42. Collaborative Collection Lookmaps » Openwear

    I *think* this is interesting, but the website seems to go out of its way to show you the interesting stuff, so I’m still not sure. (via @tobybarnes)

  43. Outlier Tailored Performance Clothing for a Life in Motion

    If you tell me your simple, plain-looking clothes are made out of innovative hi-tech fabrics, I’m half-way there. (via Lineage of Influence)

  44. Street Fashion Photography Is Messing With Me « Thought Catalog

    Ha, very good. My memories of photos on these blogs does collapse into: women in casually very little; women in expensive smartness; men, usually older, in odd combinations.

  45. Choose how unique you want your t-shirt to be - ONE of a TEE

    Cunning. Pay progressively more for being the only one in your city/country/continent/world owning a particular t-shirt design. (Presumably until Urban Outfitters rips off the design, anyway.) (via @hiutdenim)

  46. John Smedley factory tour « Lineage of influence

    Photos from a tour round the factory of John Smedley, who make knitwear. (via @sehkelly)

  47. S.E.H Kelly — Clothes made in England and the British Isles

    Men’s clothes, made entirely from UK materials (including the buttons), based in Hackney, London. Although they all look too short for me.

  48. Grain & Gram — The New Gentlemans Journal / The Exchange / A Conversation With Roy Slaper

    An interview with a man who started hand-making jeans, with no experience, and now does it full time. (via @hiutdenim)

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