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2014-11-24 (Monday)



  1. Paul Ford on HTML5 and the World of Web Standards Bodies

    Nice description of how standards like HTML5 come to be, and why it’s important. (via Daring Fireball)

  2. Abacost - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Alternatives to the traditional suit jacket are always rather weighted with politics. Mobutu’s Abacost, the Mao suit, the Nehru jacket…

  3. Metafoundry 15: Scribbled Leatherjackets

    I’ve always been a little uneasy about the enthusiastic “makers are good, non-makers are bad” distinction that’s implicit in a lot of things in “our” world these days. Deb Chachra does a good job of explaining why. (via many people)


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    Wrote some JavaScript tests before writing the JavaScript. I almost feel like a developer from this decade.

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    @infovore @ntlk These are all the things that just never stick in my head. I feel my vim-memory is full.

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    @tomstuart 23 more bots, surely.

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    Retweet clock: @alltheminutes Nice idea. Even better if you are also on Amsterdam time.

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    "The failures and consequences of traditional urban planning models in the world of Crossy Road."

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    just found a case in my test suite that was accidentally switching an actual lightbulb on in our office every time it ran. #iotproblems