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2014-04-27 (Sunday)


  1. Reading Markson Reading, The poet Laura Sims is writing a piece about…

    Tyler Malone on his experience of going through Strand Books’ entire stock, twice, to find hundreds of books from the late David Markson’s library.

  2. Ivory Tower Style, Online discussion forums are like fish colonies -…

    Some of the most useful or funny old threads on Style Forum. (via Put This On)

  3. Sneaking through U.S. Customs with Converse All-Star invention - GazEtc

    Adding fibres to the rubber soles of Converse All Stars means they qualify as slippers rather than sneakers, and so attract a much lower import duty. (via Put This On)


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    @stuartcw That's a bit impenetrable for me this time of night but, yes, I think red wine might be to blame.

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    @nickludlam what @RandomEtc said. After reading about and trying some I ended up with the LinkedIn fork of Dust:

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    Today: A hangover so bad after two glasses of wine last night that, even mostly recovered, I'm willingly watching 'The Living Daylights'.

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    @nickludlam I've only used Express, but it seemed fine for that size/kind of thing.

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    @mildlydiverting Kim! I was so happy to see you up there! Well bloody done!

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    new IFTTT recipe: send an email to anyone posting “Inbox Zero"