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2016-06-26 (Sunday)


  1. That Summer Vacation Collar

    On casual, summery, shirt collars.


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    @jaggeree I like them, but the show just didn’t excite me at all unfortunately.

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    @jaggeree No, I watched it live :/

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    LCD Soundsystem, Grimes, Underworld, CHVRCHES, Christine and the Queens, are what I’ve enjoyed most on Glastonbury. Lots more still to try.

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    An ALIEN emerges from spaceship.
    ALIEN: Take me to your leader!
    BRITON 1: er
    BRITON 2: um
    BRITON 3: Sorry, our what?

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    @tomstuart What are these “leaders” of which you speak?

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    @frankieroberto @rooreynolds @simonw For ages (ever?) Snapchat’s told you if someone screenshots the pic/vid you sent them.

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    Clicked a post in Facebook which opened a Tweet containing screenshots of comments on Facebook. I despair of this internet.

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    BREXIT DAY 3. No PM. No opposition. Banks preparing to leave. UK being governed via a column in the Daily Telegraph.

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    Tom Watson, with his muddy Glastonbury wellies on, after his train arrives back in London.

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    They've shot themselves repeatedly in the foot!
    Christ! What fuckers! We'd better shoot ourselves in the foot too!

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    "Mummy I'm not called Sibyl any more. I am now called SWISH TEAM."

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    if anyone has any archdukes that are vulnerable to assassination, please hide them now