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2012-10-04 (Thursday)


  1. Made by Hand- the great Sartorial Debate: Indochino- How did my garment turn out?

    Tips on getting a made-to-measure suit, and an analysis of the good and less-good points on a particular suit.

  2. The easiest way to share localhost over the web - Showoff

    Seems to work well. Happy to pay a couple of dollars to avoid more mucking around with SSH keys and all that.


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    @ThereNorHere I don't understand!

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    @ThereNorHere Er, an actual mobile. (I feel I'm missing something.)

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    @revdancatt Good idea, ta. I've laboriously resorted to tweaking it in the web inspector. HOW BAD CAN ONE SITE BE THAT THIS IS REQUIRED?

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    @ph @moleitau @tomtaylor @antimega @russelldavies Roger.

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    Failed to fix @jamesbridle’s New Aesthetic drone mobile that hangs above my desk.

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    @matthewward LIKE

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    Note to self, use: "document.getElementById('data').style.height = 800" to make Co-op banking for business usable...