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2014-01-26 (Sunday)


  1. Oxford Bags (Put This On)

    Blimey, look at the size of some of those 1920s trousers! They make, say, “Madchester” baggy jeans look like drainpipes.

  2. The relationship between the frequencies of men’s beards and the width of women’s skirts… (Put This On)

    …charted over time from 1823 to 1970. Click through to the paper (from 1976) for more beard-related charts. I’d love to see this extended from 1970 to 2014 though.


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    @antimega @russelldavies Yeah, that’s all I’ve ever seen. Seems like a waste.

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    @antimega @russelldavies Oh yes! I wondered if there was something like that, but couldn’t see it. It doesn’t do much though.

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    @antimega @russelldavies That made me look up application for the Tower 42 display; only for Oly/Paralympics #legacy…

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    @mildlydiverting @chrislunch True. That was probably my #EverydaySexism at work dear.

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    @chrislunch Obviously, a natural project manager.

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    WHEN discussing why your quinoa was substituted with the Ocado driver, always say “cheers mate” so he knows you’re working class. @kerihw