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11 February 2013


  1. A Tailor Made It: Shirt Rant

    On how a shirt should fit. I’ve seen some horrible, figure-hugging shirts on men. Don’t do it!


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    @russelldavies @rex3000 Can he have a Twix? #worthatry

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    @russelldavies @rex3000 School used to be somewhere you could escape from nagging parents!

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    @phl Not sure… I remember other sonic weaponry experiments but nothing else. Nothing. Weird, it’s as if…

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    @russelldavies I think I might!

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    I still keep making that ‘How To Do Accents’ CD start playing in iTunes while Spotify plays. And I still keep thinking “Ooh, this is good!”

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    @D_Nye_Griffiths Yes, I was shocked, *shocked* to discover the security services can use this social data, not just stalkers and thieves!

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    @D_Nye_Griffiths Yes, I read that “so-called” in a mocking, disbelieving voice with imminent air quotes.

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    I thought, “This music’s good!” Then realised I’d accidentally started playing my ‘How To Do Accents’ CD while listening to ambient drone.

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    @alicebartlett I met her too!

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    Best swim for ages. I was like the Man From Atlantis.

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    A horse walks into a bar. "Too late" says the bartender, "we're joking about the pope now".

    "He's right" sighs Richard III

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    George's gf is embarrassed they met online, creates fake backstories for them but can't pick one. ELAINE:"How'd you meet?" G:"I don't know!"

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    AWESOME 1961 Edward Gorey drawing and poem on #cybernetics (via @thezhanly)