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2011-06-16 (Thursday)


  1. Today’s Guardian v1.1

    I’ve made some small improvements to my Today’s Guardian website.



  1. Total recall: why retromania is all the rage | Music | The Guardian

    This is all very good, on retro of many kinds. “How come the very kind of people who would have once been in the vanguard of creating new music (bohemian early adopter types) have switched roles to become antiquarians and curators?”

  2. Choose how unique you want your t-shirt to be - ONE of a TEE

    Cunning. Pay progressively more for being the only one in your city/country/continent/world owning a particular t-shirt design. (Presumably until Urban Outfitters rips off the design, anyway.) (via @hiutdenim)


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    @tomtaylor Unplug the cable! DISCONNECT!

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    Processor cranks up, fan starts whirring… I’d visited some geek’s website which had a Bitcoin-generating script embedded. #itsgonetoofar

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    Please look away: I’m about to kiss Django on its glorious trouser hams … … Thank you.

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    @tomcoates I have lead a sheltered life. I only keep honey behind my ears.

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    @tomcoates All glasses wearers on TV keep cocaine behind their ears. It’s why they take their glasses off and suck the arm ends. FACT!

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    @tomcoates Also, people with glasses on TV have to take their glasses off when things get too complicated.

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    @kevmoss @mik3yb @Floheiss It’s your fault for giving him your business card.

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    @kevmoss @mik3yb Yeah, no idea, some designer guy I think. He acted like he knew us!

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    @mik3yb Thanks for your tweet, great to hear from you! You look well. What are you up to these days? Great. Must be going, keep in touch!

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    i just sneezed so hard i think i went backwards in time. is palin still president?

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    Adjusting my sun sensor bias to better point my High Gain Antenna at Earth: AACS:AC7SSB 3-006 SS BIAS CONTROL PITCH