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2011-05-31 (Tuesday)


  1. Black Diamond Introduces New Tactical Computer System « Soldier Systems

    This, with an iPad on the chest, in tweed (because everyone seems to like that retro and “authentic” country look).

  2. John Smedley factory tour « Lineage of influence

    Photos from a tour round the factory of John Smedley, who make knitwear. (via @sehkelly)

  3. Kindle typography

    Going to some lengths to make Kindle typography better using JavaScript and CSS.

  4. Luna’s Café: Typography is about reading – and so are ebooks

    There are a few reasons I’ve never bought a Kindle book, and this thoughtlessness on the part of publishers and Amazon is one. (via Daring Fireball)


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    @matlock @wonderlandblog The tutting will be tweeted.

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    Armed forces minister: "Cyber is a new domain but the rules… that operate in any other… translate across into cyberspace." He added: ">:-("

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    "UK developing cyber-weapons". Also, a time machine back to 1997, when anyone last took the "cyber" prefix seriously.