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2011-10-08 (Saturday)


  1. Outlier Tailored Performance Clothing for a Life in Motion

    If you tell me your simple, plain-looking clothes are made out of innovative hi-tech fabrics, I’m half-way there. (via Lineage of Influence)

  2. Cadence App | Your Music. Your Motion. | Cadence BPM Tapper

    Blacktree’s old iTunes-BPM doesn’t work on Lion, but this free app is a decent replacement. Tap in time to a song, click a button to update the tune’s BPM setting in iTunes.


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    Remember back in 2011 when Mac users were confused for a week when their scrolling suddenly turned the right way up? Crazy days.

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    Weekend Reading About PayPal Integration. (Eyes glazing over.)

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    Weekend Photoshoppin’

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    @tomtaylor @tominsam I will be proud to wear my “Team: Tom Insam” hoodie.