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Links tagged with “philgyford”

  1. P&B: Phil Gyford – Manu

    Me interviewed for Manuel Moreale’s People and Blogs series.

  2. The Cheap Web

    “The websites of Patrick Colison, Edward Tufte, and Phil Gyford are thriving examples of cozy HTML cabins.” (via Web Curios)

  3. Before You Go #2: Maison Bertaux - by The LiB team

    A chat with me about the patisserie in Soho in the London in Bits newsletter.

  4. finishability - Word Spy

    “n. The characteristics or qualities that enable something to be read, watched, or listened to completely.” Citing me as the earliest usage! (via @hugovk)

  5. London, England - Google Maps

    My second appearance (that I know of) on Google Street View.

  6. Phil Gyford’s Things

    A snapshot of my earliest home on the web, which I started sometime early 1995. This version from December 1996. The ~fabius section was, in retrospect, an early attempt at blogging, although I didn’t manage much.

  7. philgyford’s Open Source Report Card

    Analyses your GitHub activity and tries to determine things about how you work and what you do. Not perfect — if I really am “one of the top 20% most active Python users” I’m concerned for Python — but interesting and nicely done. (via @pkqk)

  8. LPChart: JavaScript charts for Little Printer publications | Robots and Clouds

    A thing I wrote for work about a thing I made at work to help make more things.

  9. My First Bookmarks

    The web bookmarks I used in 1995. They were originally written out on sheets of A4 paper, then at some point I made them into a web page. I don’t think browsers had bookmarking as a feature at first.

  10. Spark • Spark 213: Longevity, Integration, Disposal

    Interview with me on CBC Radio about Our Incredible Journey.

  11. Philgyford’s 2012 Jam Odyssey

    Brilliant thing. I put more stuff on ThisIsMyJam than I thought I had. And this makes me want to do more in 2013.

  12. Samuel Pepys, Swedish Tweets and the craziest photo app yet (ft. Phil Gyford, Samuel Pepys Diary blog) | Off The Wall Post

    I’m on this podcast talking about Pepys and Pretend Office and, you know, stuff. It was fun!

  13. Roll Call. Say hello! (Pepys’ Diary)

    This is the why. Well, one of the whys.

  14. Pinboard: bookmarks for philgyford

    I won’t be saving links to Delicious any more. Head on over to Pinboard if you want to keep seeing new stuff. All my old links are there too.

  15. Crazy Walls

    Cataloguing the walls covered in photos, newspaper clippings, string, etc by obsessive men in movies and TV shows. Because no one else seems to have done this yet.

  16. Certain Productions - The Special Effect

    Here’s a short film I was in about 18 months ago, which has just appeared online. I wear pig mask.

  17. A beginner’s guide to freelancing (Phil Gyford’s website)

    I’ve updated and expanded my lengthy guide to freelancing (originally written 2006). More stuff about limited companies, other tips, and mentions of Twitter.

  18. Lessons from 10 years of Pepys’s diaries online - Boing Boing

    Oh, that’s nice, Cory’s blogged my Pepys talk on Boing Boing. Thanks Cory! (via @caxtonian)

  19. LRB · Vol. 33 No. 4 · 17 February 2011 · letters

    My second letter in the LRB, this time quoting Yoz.

  20. Philgyford | Share Spotify Playlists at

    Here are my Spotify playlists, in case anything takes your fancy. i’ll update it when I make new ones worth sharing.

  21. What’s the best way to structure large JavaScript/jQuery projects? - Quora

    I asked a question on Quora and had some helpful responses.

  22. Twitterature: When Moby Dick Became The Fail Whale « Black Clock

    I took part in an online chat thing about Twitter literature a while back, mainly because of @samuelpepys, but I also mentioned E4’s Misfits.

  23. Misfits -

    Click ‘Play’ to see what I’ve been making with Six To Start for the past few weeks.

  24. philgyford TrueAchievements

    I’ll forget the name of the site if I don’t put it here.

  25. BBC News | Magazine | What makes a truly great diary?

    From last week, quoting me. Don’t think I ended up saying anything embarrassing. Or particularly insightful.

  26. Pepys on Twitter (Pepys’ Diary)

    Samuel Pepys will now be updating his Twitter feed several times a day from 343 years ago.

  27. Philgyford’s mailman-archive-scraper at master - GitHub

    My first Python code and my first attempt at using GitHub. Suggestions for things I’ve done wrong are welcome, but please be gentle.

  28. Scarytree Films - Here Comes Funky Kazoo

    My friend Mark’s rather nice short film, in which I make a very brief and silent appearance.

  29. Site statistics (Pepys’ Diary)

    Five and a half years in, 50,000 comments so far, 25,000 absolute unique visitors per month, etc.

  30. “Travellers Back in Time”

    I collected all the fiction mentioned in the Kottke and Marginal Revolution posts about “How would you survive if you travelled back to 1000AD?” and made them into an Amazon Listmania list.

  31. - Phil Gyford at Interesting 2008 (red nose)

    Another brief clip of me talking, this bit about the clown’s red nose.

  32. - Phil Gyford at Interesting 2008 (mask)

    A clip of me (taken by Roo) talking about masks at Interesting 2008.

  33. Yahoo downgrades antispam measure after causing BT email chaos | Technology | The Guardian

    Including a quote from “freelance web consultant and blogger Phil Gyford”.

  34. High-Design Bible Draws Attention -

    A brief mention for Pepys’ Diary and a quote from me.

  35. LRB · Thomas Jones: Short Cuts

    “The best of the lot, though, is the diary of Samuel Pepys, which a web designer called Phil Gyford has been posting in daily instalments since 2003…” Hurrah!

  36. FFFFOUND! - philgyford’s found

    I’m gradually getting used to using Ffffound! Mostly images I’ve seen before so far, but hopefully it’ll inspire me to find new things too.

  37. Interview: Phil Gyford | Wordsy

    A half-hour interview with me about Pepys’ Diary, in mp3.

  38. Russell davies: interesting speakers

    I’ll be speaking for five minutes at Interesting 2007 on “something to do with acting.” Bet you can’t wait.

  39. Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman phone BRAND NEW BOXED (item 180084368793 end time 17-Feb-07 10:06:03 GMT)

    The fourth time I’ve tried to sell this. Want a phone? Please bid, unless you’re another Nigerian scammer.

  40. | Google Groups - Wired UK to Cease Publication

    Ten years ago. It feels like both yesterday and another life.

  41. Twitter / philgyford

    I’m enjoying Twitter much, much more than I thought I would. Strangely addictive, and I love hearing what my friends are up to during the day. All a bit oddly broadcast rather than conversational, but still nice.

  42. Phil Gyford’s blog

    I’ve been trying Vox out and have posted a few things there recently. Not sure I’ll continue though - one weblog’s more than enough.

  43. LRB | letters from Vol. 28 No. 15

    I have a letter in the current London Review of Books. I fear they’ll rumble that my knowledge is based solely on Google and Wikipedia (I’ve never seen ‘Happy Days’).

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