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2012-05-16 (Wednesday)


  1. Roll Call. Say hello! (Pepys’ Diary)

    This is the why. Well, one of the whys.


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    @abscond Yeah. Not quite sure why. They seem better at incisively skewering their own country. But they just laugh dumbly at Europe.

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    Watching Daily Show on Europe (from last wk) is hard going. Patronising, unfunny, simplistic… Maybe I don't notice this when it's about US.

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    @tomcoates Thanks, yes! Very epic :)

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    Currently tidying up the early months of Pepys’ Diary when I was less rigorous. Tidied up three weeks’ worth of entries today. Slow going…

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    @tomcoates That link doesn’t work for me. Just get some kind of mobile YouTube front page. :(

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    To clarify something from last week, cos some were confused… my work with lovely @readmatter is freelance, not a fulltime/permanent thing.

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    @blech Why do you hate Britain? What have you got against vicars on bicycles and cricket on the village green?

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    @mattsheret @TomHumberstone I’ve only been to Scared To Dance once… In my head I’m always at these places. In reality, I don’t go out.

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    Twee/Indie music fans: Scared To Dance have their guest DJs' set lists on Spotify, which is nice:…

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    @pixellent Joy through work! Strength through joy! Work sets you… Hang on, this is coming out all wrong.

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    This is basically the best dog-in-a-costume photo of ALL TIME.

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    A query walks into a bar and joins two tables. The waitress asks why it needs two tables for itself. The query replies: "I like this view!".

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    Paul Dacre assures me the Daily Mail group have a way of distinguishing between "good breasts" and "bad breasts".

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    We're cutting benefits for the blind! Even I don't know what we're thinking here. We've given up making excuses now.

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    I have a great idea for a novel, but i need an author to write it for me. I'm willing to give equity.