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2020-05-25 (Monday)



  1. Coronagrifting: A Design Phenomenon | McMansion Hell

    On Dezeen, Designboom, etc. showing endless “designs” that are nothing more than a publicity-hungry Photoshop job. If only this was only a problem during Coronavirus. (via Pluralistic)


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    @Pickledegg101 Yeah, trundling on thanks.

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    @Pickledegg101 I do feel a little peaky! (Hello, I hope you're doing OK.)

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    For anyone who isn't following the latest developments in this… er… car crash of a story, probably not in the UK, and who needs some context:…

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    @fshiruba :) It makes sense to a UK audience...…

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    @meejahoar Doing alright thanks. I hope all's good with you!

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    @meejahoar @davidallengreen Thank you. Hello!

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    @adamamyl I made it.

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    @donne_mark Quick work copying my work!…

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    OK, fair enough, that checks out.

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    @tomcoates You're too kind.

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    OK, fair enough, that checks out.

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    Think how many collective human-hours spent following all this nonsense could have been saved with a simple, decent, "Sorry, I resign" a few days ago.

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    If you've always wanted to listen to me talk about the technical side of running using #Django then it's your lucky day! I'm on this podcast episode doing just that. @samuelpepys…

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    🎙️In this episode of Running in Production, @philgyford talks about building a site around Samuel Pepys using #Django. It's hosted on Heroku.

    Phil goes over rewriting the project in Django and a whole lot more. The site gets about 150k+ page views / month…

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    @donne_mark Maybe credit the source - probably @philgyford?

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    ffs how long does it take to write “knowledge is porridge” on a whiteboard

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    You only really see USB-C and HDMI on the newer devices these days.…

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    Know Your Enemy

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    next: govt will dismiss mysterious sightings of "Cummings Man" aka "Spring-heeled Dominic" across the North-East as a mass psychogenic illness exacerbated by vitamin D deficiency & experimental malaria meds

    #Satire #NoStewLeeColumnThisWeek #WillThisDo…

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    @TheMichaelMoran Ignoring the row - I am lightly amused that THIS is consistent with the Observer style guidelines.

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    I've been talking a lot about the bad study about Twitter bots and COVID-19 that has been shared widely over the weekend. I'd like to highlight a GOOD study on the same topic, mostly as an example of what I would like to see more of from researchers, & what media should look for.