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2011-04-15 (Friday)


  1. London’s Holy Wells

    Some interesting history about the location of wells in London, with photos and maps. eg, St Agnes Well was round the back of the Foundry on Old Street.

  2. Post-War Buildings

    Don’t think I’ve seen this before. A collection of photos, details and sometimes long descriptions of mostly London post-war modern buildings. Good. (Shame the photos are all Flash though.)

  3. Lessons from 10 years of Pepys’s diaries online - Boing Boing

    Oh, that’s nice, Cory’s blogged my Pepys talk on Boing Boing. Thanks Cory! (via @caxtonian)


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    @irvinebrown Bon voyage, Mr Brown!

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    @alruii @infovore That’s the world’s biggest “if”.

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    I’ve been carrying a £50 book token around in my wallet unspent for years. Sorry bookshops, you’re not Amazon, AbeBooks, or second-hand.

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    @infovore @alruii No, really, you don’t. Phil Collins is one thing but... Lenny Kravitz?!

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    It’s been nine months since any freelance work projects I’ve been involved with have launched. Always be (anticipating) shipping!

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    @shiftrunstop I remember iMacs! Wow! And everyone listened to the Spicey Girls and watched South Parks! And Furbies! Ha ha! I remember then!

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    Is an “eshot” (a) A charge from a non-lethal weapon, (b) a branded end-of-night drink, or (c) the City of London’s email newsletter?

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    Surveys which ask you to "list which websites you visit on a regular basis" must be written by people who don't use the web. #cityoflondon

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    World's oldest man dies. Why does this keep happening?!