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19 January 2011


  1. Philgyford | Share Spotify Playlists at

    Here are my Spotify playlists, in case anything takes your fancy. i’ll update it when I make new ones worth sharing.

  2. Exquisite Tweets from @candicecbailey…

    Whoops! One careless word and suddenly people think there’s a shooting in Oxford Circus. @candicecbailey appears to have deleted her original tweet now, although it’s not really her fault. (via @abscond)


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    @mattsheret Good lord, where's that? (So I know to steer clear.)

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    @suegyford Wahey, well done! I think after a while it stops being so hard... eg 30 lengths isn't much worse than 20.

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    The perennial problem: Need a naming scheme for project codenames.

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    66 tracks of's top 100 tunes of 2010 are on Spotify. Here's the playlist:

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    To the man who got on the bus dressed as a wizard who had removed the chip from his oyster card and put it in a magic wand. I salute you