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2012-12-19 (Wednesday)



  1. Philgyford’s 2012 Jam Odyssey

    Brilliant thing. I put more stuff on ThisIsMyJam than I thought I had. And this makes me want to do more in 2013.

  2. Ethical Funds - Ethical Fund Directory, Ethical Investment, Ethical Financial Advice

    Another list of UK ethical funds, rated by someone else’s criteria.

  3. Ethical investment: failing to keep up? | FairPensions

    A recent survey of ethical fund providers in the UK. (I’m scrabbling for anything to go on, because you’d have to spend weeks researching this stuff to actually have a real clue.)


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    @pixellent @Zoonie Parents are particularly horrified by not-quite-perfect CGI.

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    @mildlydiverting @DeanVipond @ianbetteridge @ntlk Pressure is in the eye of the beholder :)

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    @DeanVipond @ianbetteridge @mildlydiverting @ntlk "Flickr was only for good photos" is weird. I always used to see *loads* of rubbish snaps.