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2008-08-05 (Tuesday)


  1. New College, Oxford - College Oaks

    That story from ‘How Buildings Learn’ about the oak trees being grown to replace the dining hall’s beams? The important part is apparently not true.

  2. Synium - MacFamilyTree

    Very whizzy-looking Mac software for managing one’s family tree and outputting it in many different ways, including weird 3D grids and a globe.

  3. An Incomplete Education: 3,684 Things You Should Have Learned But Probably Didn’t: Judy Jones, William Wilson: Books

    I’m interested in attempts to summarise everything one needs to know and this sounds vaguely promising.

  4. YouTube - Orangina Naturally Juicy French version

    I’ve seen this ad at the cinema in Paris and it doesn’t make me want to drink Orangina. It makes me want to never go to the countryside again.

  5. Myliblog: Uncle Bobby’s Wedding

    Imagine if every complaint about anything received a reply this thoughtful. (via Kottke)

  6. Site statistics (Pepys’ Diary)

    Five and a half years in, 50,000 comments so far, 25,000 absolute unique visitors per month, etc.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    'In Bruges' only spoiled by overly chatty English teenage girls sitting behind me.

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    @mattb What service, thanks! But as @blech suggested, maybe it would have been better for me to have gone through proper channels.

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    Wondering which friend to hassle over Dopplr not updating my Fire Eagle location :)

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    Every time I go in a French supermarket I want to say "Someone likes yoghurt!"