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Links tagged with “learning”

  1. Language Transfer

    Free audio courses for several languages. “Memorization is the most inefficient way of remembering.” (via Reddit somewhere)

  2. The Goldlist Method in a Nutshell by Lýdia Machová (PDF)

    For learning foreign language vocabulary. Sounds like magic.

  3. Mediocratopia: 10

    Venkatesh Rao: “Aptitude is the rate at which you level up, by changing the nature of the problem you’re solving (and therefore how you measure ‘improvement’).”

  4. Compound interest applied to learning

    Yes, this makes sense. Plus I often think that people who get, or take, an opportunity early on that gives them time to explore their field end up exponentially further ahead than peers.

  5. Learnable Programming

    Beautifully done and lovely essay on programming languages, programming environments and how programming should be taught. “Typing in the code to draw a static shape is not programming! It’s merely a very cumbersome form of illustration.” (via many tweets)

  6. Anki - friendly, intelligent flashcards

    Free software for learning stuff off flashcards.

  7. Seth’s Blog: Textbook rant

    Why textbooks prescribed for college courses are a bad thing: “They are expensive … They don’t make change … They don’t sell the topic … They are incredibly impractical.” (via Preoccupations)

  8. The Online Photographer: The Leica as Teacher

    I like this idea. Despite the follow-up explaining why only a Leica will do, I’ve just bought a decent second hand 50mm lens for my old Pentax K1000 and may give this a go. (via Infovore)

  9. Wikibooks

    How have I not seen this before? “Wikibooks is a Wikimedia community for creating a free library of educational textbooks that anyone can edit.” Nice.

  10. Home Page | Flat World Knowledge

    Creative Commons licensed textbooks, written by “experts” and peer-reviewed, which are then free to read online (or pay for a printable version). Little available right now, but promising. (via Preoccupations)

  11. Snarkmarket: A Snarkmarket Book Project: The New Liberal Arts

    Writing a book about “the new liberal arts” and asking “what are they?” Also, the most pointless use of video ever. (via Kottke)

  12. Futurelab - Innovation in education

    “Transforming the way people learn through innovative technology and practice.” Interesting looking place, based in Bristol.

  13. YouVersion | A Revolutionary Online Bible Reader

    All signed-up readers can contribute notes about passages from many different versions of the Bible. Quite complex but usable interface. (via TUAW)

  14. An Incomplete Education: 3,684 Things You Should Have Learned But Probably Didn’t: Judy Jones, William Wilson: Books

    I’m interested in attempts to summarise everything one needs to know and this sounds vaguely promising.

  15. Cool Tool: Best home chemistry lab book

    Sounds like fun! In theory. In reality I never used the chemistry set I had as a kid much, so maybe not.

  16. David Weiss: Metacognitive Miscalibration

    Thinking things are easy when you don’t know enough to tell. “There’s a great difference between 50 years of experience and 1 years worth of experience repeated 50 times.” (via Daring Fireball)

  17. Kevin Kelly — The Technium — The Forever Book

    Not just a library of all essential knowledge about human civilisation, but it would contain instructions for how to recreate a version of itself. From 2006.

  18. Kevin Kelly — Help Wanted — The world’s best how-to?

    “What are the best how-to books, videos, software, websites that you’ve ever seen?” From 2004.

  19. The Lost Tools of Learning

    Dorothy L. Sayers suggested reviving the Trivium — grammar, rhetoric and dialectic — as children’s education. Learning how to learn, rather than learning subjects.

  20. How to Learn Math and Physics

    Recommendations of books to take you through the main topics of physics and maths. Oh for much, much more time.

  21. How to Read a Book (PDF)

    Sounds like good advice. I mostly read for pleasure at the moment, rather than for just learning stuff, but this’ll be handy one day…

  22. Colleges and Universities - Education and Schools - Engineering - Technology - Science - New York Times

    Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering sounds different in a good way. “Learning the skill of how to learn is more important than trying to fill every possible cup of knowledge in every possible discipline.” (via Blech)

  23. School of Everything

    Currently a way to list and find teachers of many subjects. More features planned for the future. (via Blackbeltjones on Iain Tait)

  24. Association for Psychological Science: ‘To be or, or … um … line!’

    Actors shouldn’t learn lines by rote, “but feel their character’s intention in reaction to what the other actors do, causing their lines to come spontaneously and naturally”. (via Boing Boing)

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