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2021-08-19 (Thursday)


  1. How I setup and configure all of my websites | Go Make Things

    By Chris Ferdinandi. A dozen static sites on a Digital Ocean droplet.

  2. Mediocratopia: 10

    Venkatesh Rao: “Aptitude is the rate at which you level up, by changing the nature of the problem you’re solving (and therefore how you measure ‘improvement’).”

  3. No Caul For Them These Days - Vittles

    I enjoyed this article about, and recipe for, faggots. I used to like Brain’s Faggots as a kid.

  4. Young Directors’ Guide to Lighting

    A nice guide by Alex Forey to how theatre directors should work with lighting designers. (via Interconnected)


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    @genmon @BBCSport Have you seen this behind-the-scenes of the BBC’s Olympic studio?

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    my barber told me the worst time to be cutting hair besides covid was right after Peaky Blinders came out. guys would ask for it and then get upset that they looked stupid

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    Things no-one else is crazy enough to be doing right now: final prep for a trip to answer one of the great unanswered questions: just how far can you travel by bus from London in 24hrs? I *think* I know on paper, but in practice…? Follow along from 3am as I slowly go mad. #bus24

    Charlton Railway Station (CTN), United Kingdom