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2012-09-27 (Thursday)


  1. Chrome Web Store - Postman - REST Client

    No idea if there are other/better options, but this has been very useful for making POST requests etc.

  2. Learnable Programming

    Beautifully done and lovely essay on programming languages, programming environments and how programming should be taught. “Typing in the code to draw a static shape is not programming! It’s merely a very cumbersome form of illustration.” (via many tweets)


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    What’s the German compound noun for “The feeling of knowing that specific old coding decisions will eventually come back to bite you”?

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    @GuyP Go for it! It’s not like they’re my pics in the first place. Thanks for asking, and the credit/link.

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    @alicebartlett @abscond Need pic of the Pod Crew posing with gang signs and detox boxes.

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    “If your company had a one-word mission statement, it would be” “What is the last name of your company’s first accountant?” This is broken.

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    Worried about talk of LibDems opting for Plan B to fix the ecomony. It's like the time the UN took Steps to resolve the Bosnian conflict.

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    Inner city life.