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2008-03-28 (Friday)


  1. YouTube - Wills’s Girls

    Interviews with women who used to work at Wills’ tobacco factory in Bristol. Lovely, but would have been much better if we could just see the women being interviewed, instead of all the graphics.

  2. YouTube - Bristol In The 1920s

    Lovely old footage of bits of Bristol. Presumably with sound added more recently. (via the Bristol Blogger)

  3. Lina Scheynius (MS Logan Photographic Agency)

    I like this photo and some of her others. I hope it’s this one; stupid, slow, infuriating Flash interface makes it hard to link to stuff. Who commissions this crap (the website, not the photos)?

  4. Kevin Kelly — The Technium — The Forever Book

    Not just a library of all essential knowledge about human civilisation, but it would contain instructions for how to recreate a version of itself. From 2006.

  5. Kevin Kelly — Help Wanted — The world’s best how-to?

    “What are the best how-to books, videos, software, websites that you’ve ever seen?” From 2004.


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    By laughing muxtape in honour of the corpsing Charlotte Green:

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    @plasticbagUK I haven't used for long periods; too slow when I tried with my Gmail account so I'm using Thunderbird, which is good!

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    Of five hours rehearsal this week, three hours have been spent discussing each others' problems with the rest of the group. Tsch.