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2009-04-01 (Wednesday)

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  1. Trying to remember what this is from… on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    ‘The World Turned Upside Down’ (by Leon Rosselon in 1975, recorded by Billy Bragg ten years later)…


  1. How To Make Your Own Books From Wikipedia |

    Couldn’t be easier. (1) Create a Wikipedia account. (2) Add pages to your book. (3) Download a PDF or order a bound copy. Very, very good.

  2. Wikibooks

    How have I not seen this before? “Wikibooks is a Wikimedia community for creating a free library of educational textbooks that anyone can edit.” Nice.

  3. Wrong Tomorrow - pundits vs. time

    A fabulous way to record what predictions pundits make and keep track of how often they’re wrong (or right; you never know).

  4. Dave Gorman: When Twitter Gets Weird…

    On how offended some people apparently get if you don’t follow them back on Twitter. Craziness. (via Meg Pickard)

  5. SprogBlog: more than numbers

    My awesome friend Annie on a week shadowing a midwife in Uganda. In case you need to put your life in some perspective.

  6. Home Page | Flat World Knowledge

    Creative Commons licensed textbooks, written by “experts” and peer-reviewed, which are then free to read online (or pay for a printable version). Little available right now, but promising. (via Preoccupations)


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    The Learning & Skills Council forgot to add up how much money it had promised colleges for rebuilding. All cancelled. Run by an Apprentice?

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    The Apprentice's "make the most profit in a day" theme epitomises all the wrongness of business.

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    Lots of police, lots of security, lots if press, lots of crowd barriers, two protestors in drag. That's all near Liverpool St.

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    Evan Davies just walked past me. Now, back to war-torn east London and my current base, the Schulze Armitage Webb cave.

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    Hoping The City will still be standing when I return from a meeting in White City.