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2006-01-27 (Friday)


  1. Improbable Show - DEVOTED AND DISGRUNTLED What are we going to do about theatre?

    A friend enthusiastically told me this was a really good event. Certainly lots of discussion there.

  2. Digitally Distributed Environments: London Google Earth 1690

    One day we’ll be able to view reality augmented with what the space looked like centuries ago. Until then, try this Google Earth map overlay. Awesome. (via Haddock)

  3. Digitally Distributed Environments

    Weblog with, currently, lots of models of London buildings for Google Earth.

  4. Process Recess

    Some gorgeous life drawings on this illustrator’s weblog. (via

  5. Association for Psychological Science: ‘To be or, or … um … line!’

    Actors shouldn’t learn lines by rote, “but feel their character’s intention in reaction to what the other actors do, causing their lines to come spontaneously and naturally”. (via Boing Boing)