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Links tagged with “clothes”

  1. - Official Webshop

    Nice simple-looking coats (and other things). (via @flaneur)

  2. A Life’s Work - Andrew Rowley | Off The Cuff - The Budd Blog

    This is just a nice little piece. The handful of times I’ve been there Mr Rowley has always been “jovial …, genteel and dry witted”.

  3. Batch Notes. No.3 — Paynter Jacket Co.

    I enjoy these notes covering the thinking, planning, testing and making of their jackets.

  4. Die, Workwear! - The Amazing Style of British Cyclists

    Lovely photos, and story, of off-road cyclists in the 1950s in the UK, members of The Rough-Stuff Fellowship. Nice normal clothes.

  5. Die, Workwear! - The Spotlight Effect & Style Anxiety

    I don’t think I knew that the feeling of “I’m wearing something very slightly different than usual and now everyone’s staring at me” had a name.

  6. Techwear – An Observation | The Rosenrot | For The Love of Avant-Garde Fashion

    On the history and current wearers of techwear. “A girl with an out of place chest rig and ill-fitting jacket is a fodder for thirsty boys.”

  7. Sci-fi clothing for the real world? | Ask MetaFilter

    Not that I’d wear any/most of this, but some interesting things.

  8. What I Think About When I Think About Buying Clothes

    Lovely post about wondering whether to buy a particular jacket.

  9. Monty Don: Dirty dressing | Life and style | The Guardian

    On gardening clothes, from 2005. (via Die Workwear)

  10. Blackhorse Lane Ateliers | Selvedge & Raw Denim Jeans | Made In London

    Jeans (and more) made in London, plus workshops to make your own. (via Die Workwear)

  11. Guide to Getting Good Gloves

    Handy summary of different kinds of men’s leather gloves.

  12. I wore men’s clothes for a month – and it changed my life - The F-Word

    On the liberation a woman felt wearing (not otherwise very liberating) men’s suits.

  13. Die, Workwear! - The Ideal Coat Wardrobe

    Nice overview, and nice examples, of a few overcoat styles.

  14. That Summer Vacation Collar

    On casual, summery, shirt collars.

  15. Which house style suits your body shape? - Permanent Style

    Good to have a summary of the basic styles of suit jacket in one place, even if I can barely tell most apart.

  16. Taylor Single-Pleat Trouser Navy Military Twill by Epaulet | Epaulet New York

    Look quite nice I think. For future reference. Available in other colours. (via Put This On)

  17. threadbase - T-shirts Unravelled

    Great analysis of hundreds of US T-shirts to see how they vary in size. (via Stellar)

  18. ISAORA

    Nice, minimal, Outlier-esque clothing. (Online only, US-based.)

  19. Luxury Harris Tweed slippers for Men at bedroom athletics

    I like these more than I expected. Maybe next winter… (via Grey Fox)

  20. ‘Yoga Pants are Ruining Women’ and Other Style Advice From Fran Lebowitz

    “I wish that real estate were cheaper and clothes were more expensive.” “Designers now, they all have these things called mood boards. I suppose they think a sense of discovery equals invention.” “If you walked around New York you would think there was a terrible mirror famine.” (via Kottke)

  21. Pharmacie

    Sock subscription service, made in Italy. I’d like to see more examples of the designs first. (via Lineage of Influence)

  22. What We Wore — A People’s Style History

    I do love some of these photos. (via Put This On)

  23. Male pattern boldness

    “I started sewing in 2009 and today make all my own clothes using mainly vintage patterns and vintage sewing machines.”

  24. TaylorTailor

    “I’m on a mission to design and create my entire wardrobe from scratch. It’s going to take a while.” Also, bags.

  25. Learning to Make Your Own Clothes, Part Two

    Tips and resources from two men who make their own clothes.

  26. Alievens

    A guy in Belgium who makes his own shirts, trousers, jackets. (via Put This On)

  27. Country Of Origin Clothing- Hand Frame Knitwear Made in Scotland

    Jumpers made in Hawick, 300 per design. (via Grey Fox)

  28. Shetland Jumper - Leith Clothing

    Simple, made-in-Scotland from Scottish wool, not expensive. (via Grey Fox)

  29. Mens Vintage Clothing - Suits - Harris Tweed Jackets

    UK online store of used jackets, coats, etc, reasonable prices.

  30. The SPECTRE Press Conference

    ‘The Suits of James Bond’ turns its very critical eye to what the next film’s actors wore for the press conference. Great/terrifying attention to detail.

  31. Abacost - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Alternatives to the traditional suit jacket are always rather weighted with politics. Mobutu’s Abacost, the Mao suit, the Nehru jacket…

  32. Classic Style and the Suit’s Ideal Proportions

    Using James Bond - specifically ‘The World is Not Enough’ - to illustrate the classic proportions of men’s suits.

  33. ESK Cashmere

    Nice, simple, Scottish-made, not cheap jumpers etc. It’s only a matter of time before every ‘About’ page is renamed ‘Story’ isn’t it. (via Die, Workwear)

  34. Old Town Clothing - classic British workwear - Holt, Norfolk, England

    Someone suggested to Put This On that this is wear Monty Don gets his clothes from.

  35. Monty Don: Dirty dressing | Life and style | The Observer

    On the clothes he wears for gardening, from 2005. (via Put This On)

  36. One Cloth, Four Styles

    A nice poacher’s pocket for reading material.

  37. Sewing by Alice - Dream fabric

    Fabric with the old Netscape broken image icon.

  38. Building a capsule wardrobe: reader question

    Some suggestions for jackets and trousers for a more casual capsule wardrobe.

  39. Building a New Pants Wardrobe

    Pants as in trousers, of course. I don’t plan to do any of this, but I like “building a wardrobe” articles.

  40. Ivory Tower Style, Online discussion forums are like fish colonies -…

    Some of the most useful or funny old threads on Style Forum. (via Put This On)

  41. Sneaking through U.S. Customs with Converse All-Star invention - GazEtc

    Adding fibres to the rubber soles of Converse All Stars means they qualify as slippers rather than sneakers, and so attract a much lower import duty. (via Put This On)

  42. Put This On - Fit

    Put This On’s posts on getting suits, shirts, etc to fit well.

  43. Put This On • The Seven-Shoe Wardrobe The longer I write about…

    I was wondering what something like this would look like yesterday, then came across this.

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