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2018-01-20 (Saturday)


  1. The Strange Brands in Your Instagram Feed - The Atlantic

    On the stores that are a bunch of small pieces loosely joined in front of a Chinese dropshipper.


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    @bibliata Yes, I’ll look more closely on Monday.

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    @M_PF Do you know why captions are always so small? It seems odd that you end up with people crowded round a caption to read it, who then all have to step backwards to look at the art.

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    @DeanVipond @mildlydiverting @sixtostart That was good / crazy / fun!

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    @DeanVipond Congratulations! I hope it's good. The only downside for the world is the loss of such a good freelance designer.

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    I find it odd/interesting that, all week, all the “letters” about the Guardian’s redesign are about the print version. Not one about the website etc. E.g.…

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    Im going to explain in detail why Churchill is a villain. For the 31% of you who voted as a positive just read this and tell me afterwards.…

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    Winston Churchill:

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    @smagdali It is literally a function of who you follow. I've had pictures of London lumiere and the only US politics was your bloody retweet. So yeah, thanks for that!