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2015-01-25 (Sunday)


  1. Country Of Origin Clothing- Hand Frame Knitwear Made in Scotland

    Jumpers made in Hawick, 300 per design. (via Grey Fox)


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    @tomstuart @whoisdanw Your friend TOM S bought Sainbury’s Asparagus Spears. Why not try them? SURGE PRICING IN EFFECT!

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    @agpublic Great!

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    @agpublic… I don’t see it, so wondering if I already did this, ages ago…

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    Is there a show like R4’s ‘Pick of the Week’ but for podcasts? I wouldn’t listen to it but at least I’d feel I was only missing one podcast.

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    @benhammersley @stml Reality generator warning you that your world is about to blink out of existence unless you pay for an upgrade.

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    @paulmmay @jkottke We use it at work, I just haven't learned the lesson yet! But in this case I just needed to serve a single .html page.

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    @jkottke Yeah, I should really, really do that.

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    So the doctor said to me

    "Have you missed your period"

    I told him

    " Oh I do feel so, the Renaissance would have suited me perfectly"

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    “The English-a tribe of shepherds, inhabiting a small island off the coast of France, who refer to their island as if it were the mainland."