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2016-01-26 (Tuesday)


  1. threadbase - T-shirts Unravelled

    Great analysis of hundreds of US T-shirts to see how they vary in size. (via Stellar)

  2. Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

    I’m finding this (free, online) book very useful; exactly the kind of thing I struggle with how to do better.


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    @tomcoates I… I thought that was only a fairy tale parents told naughty children! It’s not… true…?!

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    @tomcoates When I say it I throw some salt over my left shoulder while turning round three times and touching some wood. It’s quite a sight.

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    @tomcoates Is there a preferred euphemism? Like “The Scottish Play”?

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    @tomcoates @rooreynolds Well, it’s 1TB for non-Pro, but yeah.

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    @tomcoates @rooreynolds Seems like the price doubled? I paid for 2 years in Feb 2015 for $50. Can’t see me doing that again at 2x the cost.

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    @antimega @revdancatt Now you mention it, my old struggles with CPAN remind me of struggles with Node, npm, etc.

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    Sunbathing robots.

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    Huh, yeah, that was pretty good! @robinsloan @timoreilly