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2017-05-07 (Sunday)

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  1. Weekend reading: Rebooted

    Just another “thanks” for all your hard work. I know you’re not keen but I’d still add another vote…



  1. My Year in San Francisco’s $2 Million Secret Society Startup - Motherboard

    And a third one from the “things I read in 2016 about weird cultish American groups and didn’t bookmark at the time but have stuck with me” file.

  2. Inside Superstar Machine, Which Ex-Members Say Is a Cult Preying on New York’s Creative Women

    And I also didn’t bookmark this, but it’s weirdness keeps popping up occasionally.

  3. Fitness Isn’t a Lifestyle Anymore. Sometimes It’s a Cult | WIRED

    I didn’t bookmark this when I read it but I’ve since mentioned it to 2 or 3 people, so. The November Project. (via @ph)

  4. #Vanlife, the Bohemian Social-Media Movement - The New Yorker

    But that previous Guardian article is nothing compared to these people and their lives as brand and product pushers. Ugh.

  5. Putting you in the picture: yes, you can earn a living on Instagram | Money | The Guardian

    After arguing about this… it annoys me a lot because I wanted the internet to give individuals the power of the media’s reach so they could share their thoughts, passions, views, etc, and didn’t realise they’d also ape the media’s more dubious methods of making money by shilling for brands.

  6. Portfolio Charts – a picture is worth a thousand calculations

    Mainly saving this simply because, rarely for a personal finance site involving data and charts, it looks reasonably designed.


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    @mildlydiverting Fair enough! I still have them all for you. I’ll see if I can Dropbox them or something.

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    2017 - when you crack open the champagne to celebrate fascists only winning 35% of the vote.

    Hackney, London, United Kingdom

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    Pre-fading jeans with a laser.