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2015-01-04 (Sunday)


  1. Hrothgar Stibbon Leathergoods

    Some nice briefcases, bags, all made in Bristol. (via Men’s Flair)

  2. Shetland Jumper - Leith Clothing

    Simple, made-in-Scotland from Scottish wool, not expensive. (via Grey Fox)


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    @iamdanw @ianvisits Is there a site that compares architectural renderings with post-construction, in-use photographs? Please.

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    (I don’t know much about jazz but keep finding complicated jazz to be good music for working to, and I have little idea what’s good.)

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    I took @wonderingsound’s Best Jazz Albums of 2014… and made a Spotify playlist of most of it:…

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    @tomcoates I did see one a few months ago but cannot remember where it was. My memory. Who are you anyway? Get out of my house!