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Links tagged with “russelldavies”

  1. An oral history of “Silicon” Roundabout | Forward Partners

    One that sounds familiar to me! Well, a lot of it does anyway. I’d still like to read one of these that starts earlier - it wasn’t a wasteland before 2008.

  2. End of Unrealised Schemes

    “…a display of index cards and envelopes, created and collected by cinephiles to record what films they’ve seen…” Looks great, and makes my collection of cinema tickets seem half-hearted.

  3. Russell Davies: Electric Coast to Coast

    A lovely write-up and nice daily photos of his walk.

  4. Russell Davies: You can’t fix services with engagement

    “[Organisations have] got good at social media rather than service design. They’ve invested in conversations, not services, so now they spend their whole time having conversations about how shit their services are.” Very good.

  5. vapespace

    Russell on vaping becoming so big without brands. It does seem so odd, or not what we’ve been lead to expect as normal.

  6. Russell Davies: it’s the cardigan that makes it

    This is a good 23 minute watch — Russell answering questions sent by students about advertising planning.

  7. russell davies: NewsNarrativeStream Q1.1

    I do like this audio news thing Russell made. Hearing it context-free, if you had no idea where it came from, would be good.

  8. Newspaper Club - A work in progress

    Just down the corridor Russell, Ben and Tom are doing some marvellous things, and sharing their progress. This will be awesome.

  9. Noisy Decent Graphics: All the ephemera that’s fit to print

    I haven’t even seen one of these (yet) but it’s already one of my favourite objects. I’ve wanted to do something like this for ages but Russell and Ben actually did it, and did it much better than I’d ever have done it.

  10. Russell Davies: meet the new schtick (2)

    Part two of a write-up of a talk Russell gave. Real-world things derived from the internet’s good stuff make me excited.

  11. Russell davies: copy and paste

    Very nice and easily-created rapid slideshow of a month’s worth of photos. Fab idea.

  12. Russell davies: conference advice

    Bookmarked in the hope some more obscure conferences are recommended.

  13. Russell davies: buffy - in our own time

    Fantastic ‘In Our Time’ style mp3 discussing ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. Made me want to go and watch it all over again.

  14. Russell davies: studying graphic design

    Lots of advice in the comments about where to do a graphic design degree (no recommendations for UWE where I went…).

  15. Russell davies: interesting speakers

    I’ll be speaking for five minutes at Interesting 2007 on “something to do with acting.” Bet you can’t wait.

  16. Russell Davies: a possible date for your diary

    A one-day London conference on interesting things. Could be excellent, although the flood of enthusiastic comments from advertising people don’t get my hopes up.

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