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2009-07-01 (Wednesday)


  1. Newspaper Club - A work in progress

    Just down the corridor Russell, Ben and Tom are doing some marvellous things, and sharing their progress. This will be awesome.

  2. The Viridian Design Movement

    Bruce Sterling closed Reboot last week and, even though I’d heard and read some of it before it was a wonderful, weary, preaching, telling off. It made me read this again.

  3. Scope (Schulze & Webb)

    More Matt Webb, his opening presentation at last week’s Reboot. It was very, very good, and it’s great to have the whole thing written much as he delivered it.

  4. Pulse Laser: Shownar

    This is what I’ve been working on, off and on, for the past while, with the lovely folks at Schulze & Webb. Is good.


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    @tedmills Happy Birthday to him!

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    It turns out that a MacBook battery lasts longer than my desire to work.

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    This afternoon's work will be curtailed by forgetting my power cable. Eediot. Unclear as to whether this is also gyfordian...?

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    Alone in the office. Planning regime change, followed by mobile telco operator licence design, followed by free cake for all.

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    @rooreynolds Oops, you beat me to the pinching and punching. July is yours!

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    Pinch, punch, first day of the month, and no returns.