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2018-05-16 (Wednesday)




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    @kellan I’ve laboriously added BPM to lots of my iTunes library, and rated most of the tracks, so I can make playlists of tracks I like with appropriate BPM. A method only recommended for people with too much time and patience.

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    @knotnicky Yeah. And given the actual, first, article is usually broken up by ads it’s already hard to tell when it’s finished.

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    @jwheare @jonty They long since breached the Tech City quarantine perimeter. They could be anywhere. If you stop typing they get closer.

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    I hadn’t even noticed this. What is wrong with people.…

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    @philgyford And they change url so when you copy to share the article you just read you send people to the wrong article.

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    That thing some websites do where when you get to the end of the article another one appears immediately below it, and then another one below that, and so on. Nope.

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    A little boy just screamed down the tube carriage “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” and everyone remained silent. I love London

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    Don’t bother with r4today BBCNews Sky or GMB watch this 2min News Review