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2008-05-12 (Monday)


  1. “physics for beginners, and the maths that goes with it”

    Problem: How do I find time to learn stuff like this when I need to know stuff like this before I can expand time enough so I have time to learn it?

  2. Lefora Free Forum Hosting

    Hosted forums. New, so I assume it’ll improve; the forums themselves are less than beautiful at the moment.

  3. Film Archive - FourDocs - Listen to Britain

    Nice short film of images and sounds from wartime Britain (if you sit through the introduction from the Canadian). Terence Davies mentions it in the current ‘Sight & Sound’.

  4. Brent Black Panama Hats - Photo Tour: How a Panama Hat is Made

    Fascinating multi-page photo essay. Quite a process.

  5. Widgetfinger - Simple Content Management for Simple Websites

    Looks like an awesome thing that would be great for a huge percentage of small business websites. I was a thrown by being asked for ‘Company Name’ first off when creating an account though. (via Infovore)

  6. Russell davies: copy and paste

    Very nice and easily-created rapid slideshow of a month’s worth of photos. Fab idea.


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    A pleasant evening of lying on the sofa listening to Radio 2, finishing a book I've been reading for too long.

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    First good go at the gym in 18 months. Hasn't changed much since evil Richard Branston took over. Instructors still young, dumb and full of