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2007-03-31 (Saturday)


  1. Pollutr - social pollution

    I looked up this URL, inspired by… I wonder what this site will be. Registered to

  2. Robotlab - art | installation | research

    Industrial robotic arms repurposed as super-accurate DJs. (via Schluze & Webb)

  3. BBC NEWS | In pictures: Life in Stanley, Growing numbers

    Nice pictures, although the car is as unrepresentative as if it was a shot of London. Most Falklands motors are Land Rovers or Japanese 4x4s. Nice that they correctly call it Stanley instead of Port Stanley, unlike most media stories.

  4. Mux any-to-any video converter by cruxy

    Converts YouTube or most other video types to your chosen format, emails you when it’s done. (via Haddock)

  5. Russell Davies: a possible date for your diary

    A one-day London conference on interesting things. Could be excellent, although the flood of enthusiastic comments from advertising people don’t get my hopes up.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Quiet night in with coconut curry, Dr Who and Deadwood.