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2015-05-12 (Tuesday)


  1. vapespace

    Russell on vaping becoming so big without brands. It does seem so odd, or not what we’ve been lead to expect as normal.

  2. HM Government Horizon Scanning Programme - Social Attitudes of Young People

    “The aim of this report is to assess if and how social attitudes of young people in the UK today differ from previous generations, and how they might evolve in the future.” December 2014


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    @Carfolio I know. I said "cheeky Nando's".

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    @matlock Yeah, lovely. Somehow really polished and sharp while also seeming natural and effortless.

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    Today, really enjoying Peter Kay's 'Car Share'. Funny, touching, warm-hearted, nicely done and as British as a cheeky Nando's.

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    Assassins Creed: Cheeky Nandos

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    @alruii Sorry Dad.

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    @alruii Go nandos after the game?

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    An animated map showing locations in the UK where people are laughing about the “cheeky nandos” Tumblr post, its happy viral spread.

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    @tomstuart @denisewilton You might be able to watch American videos, but the time lag prevents you answering questions quickly enough.

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    @denisewilton Wackaging?

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    I like @samuelpepys’ route - cutting out loops of the Thames by walking (what was then) cross country:…

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    We walked from Mortlake to Richmond, and so to boat again. And from Teddington to Hampton Court Mr. Townsend and I walked again.

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    @ammonite Someone here was having problems just now, but everyone else said “No, it’s fine!”

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    make online videos actually play when you click on them with this weird climate destroying trick

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    We are asking the same people who prepended ‘cyber’ to everything that doesn’t run on steam power to somehow use ‘quantum’ responsibly