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2007-10-14 (Sunday)


  1. Silent Noise Control

    Another MP3blog with full albums, this one on “industrial, electronic and experimental weirdness.”

  2. Fauni Gena

    While looking for MP3blogs on electronic music (any suggestions?) I came across this one on ambient music.

  3. Coding Horror: A Visual Explanation of SQL Joins

    SQL joins as Venn diagrams (but better than the previous post on SQL joins as Venn diagrams that I read). (via Infovore)


    Like my but more comprehensive (yay) but only for UK newspapers (aww) and with higher ideals (yay).

  5. Universal Heritage Poster

    A timeline “summarizing 13.7 billion years”. (via Cool Tools)

  6. Russell davies: studying graphic design

    Lots of advice in the comments about where to do a graphic design degree (no recommendations for UWE where I went…).

  7. Mozy Online Backup: Simple, Automatic, Secure

    Simple-sounding online backup service for Windows or Mac. (via Haddock) (UPDATE, 2009: Heard not so good feedback about it, trying Backblaze instead.)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Movable Type upgrade somewhat stymied by having to log in with every single page refresh. Considering pottery.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    Whit Stillman and Byliner updated. Now to make flapjack!