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14 October 2007


  1. Silent Noise Control

    Another MP3blog with full albums, this one on “industrial, electronic and experimental weirdness.”

  2. Fauni Gena

    While looking for MP3blogs on electronic music (any suggestions?) I came across this one on ambient music.

  3. Coding Horror: A Visual Explanation of SQL Joins

    SQL joins as Venn diagrams (but better than the previous post on SQL joins as Venn diagrams that I read). (via Infovore)


    Like my but more comprehensive (yay) but only for UK newspapers (aww) and with higher ideals (yay).

  5. Universal Heritage Poster

    A timeline “summarizing 13.7 billion years”. (via Cool Tools)

  6. Russell davies: studying graphic design

    Lots of advice in the comments about where to do a graphic design degree (no recommendations for UWE where I went…).

  7. Mozy Online Backup: Simple, Automatic, Secure

    Simple-sounding online backup service for Windows or Mac. (via Haddock) (UPDATE, 2009: Heard not so good feedback about it, trying Backblaze instead.)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Movable Type upgrade somewhat stymied by having to log in with every single page refresh. Considering pottery.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    Whit Stillman and Byliner updated. Now to make flapjack!