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  1. Home - ExtensionFM

    This is rather slick — a Google Chrome extension that makes a nice iTunes-style library of MP3s on web pages you visit. (via Yoz)

  2. DJ Matthew Africa - I Wish You Would: America’z most complete artist

    Haven’t heard of DJ Quik, but I liked this mix. I’m also new to Matthew Africa, but will be listening to more. (via Soul Sides)

  3. Techtech2009

    I was never hugely into techno, but I’m enjoying this mp3 blog. Great for working to. (via Haddock)

  4. Playdar - Music Content Resolver

    The idea is to play any song that’s available on your computer or anywhere online. Requires compiling. Oh well.

  5. Tutorial for Flash MP3 Player

    Nice, simple embedded MP3 player.

  6. zSHARE - Jaguar Skills x Kid Potential - 30 Years Of Hip-Hop In 60 Minutes.mp3

    If you haven’t already, you want that inconspicuous “Download this File” link. 538 tracks in an hour.

  7. Stupidfresh: Highs in the low 70s

    A nice summery bunch of summery tunes for the summer. (via Soul Sides)

  8. Jacob Borshard - A Glow In The Dark

    His new, third, still FREE album. Usual stuff: twee, ukelele, love, Star Trek references.

  9. Rockbox - Open Source Jukebox Firmware

    I had no idea there was open source alternative software for MP3 players, including early iPods. (via Boing Boing)

  10. Opentape

    Host-your-own version of Muxtape. What happens when a centralised system is squashed by lawyers: thousands of individual versions flower around the edges. (via Infovore)

  11. Stone Cold Pimpin’: NASA’s Forgotten Ambient Albums

    “Space music” from 1992: “raw, uncatalogued space sounds data … we selected random information from the raw data and processed it to produce ‘Symphonies of the Planets’”. Ambient “music”.

  12. Daytrotter | A Constant Reminder That People Burn And So Does Time | The Mountain Goats

    MP3s of four newish songs recorded specially for this site by the Mountain Goats. Lovely lovely.

  13. MuxFind: Search for Muxtapes

    Finds muxtapes (online playlists) similar to artists or other muxtapes you like. (via Haddock)


    My Muxtape. Which may or may not update occasionally.

  15. Jaikoz Audio Tagger

    Multi-platform ID3 tagging app, for most kinds of music file, using MusicBrainz and MusicIP. 15 quid, but powerful, even if a bit, you know, Java.

  16. Journal of ziggy (25)

    Using perl to extract ID3 data from the iTunes Music Library XML file and then update the relevant MP3s with the correct data.

  17. Russell davies: buffy - in our own time

    Fantastic ‘In Our Time’ style mp3 discussing ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. Made me want to go and watch it all over again.

  18. DJ Earworm Mashups » No One Takes Your Freedom

    While I’m at it, this is my other favourite mashup. Great fun.

  19. Mark Vidler // Go Home Productions

    12 CDs worth (4 more to come) of mashups / bootlegs / remixes, his complete back catalogue, free. Of the few I know, ‘Girl Wants (To Say Goodbye To) Rock & Roll’ on CD6 is one of my favourite bootlegs. (No permalink)

  20. BigO Worldwide - Brian Eno, Joanna MacGregor and Bath Camerata

    MP3s of a concert at Bath Abbey in 2006. ‘Music for Airports’ performed live for the first time is pretty good.

  21. Tong Family Blog: Lame switches

    Modern equivalents for LAME switches (I’ve been using ‘—alt-preset standard’ all this time).

  22. iLAS

    Almost identical to iTunes-LAME, except it works. And with a newer version of LAME. What I’m now using.

  23. StuMoD - freight train of wit and cleverosity

    NMP3 Ripper is another alternative for encoding MP3s using LAME, but I haven’t tried it.

  24. Max from

    Blacktree’s iTunes-LAME script for encoding MP3s with LAME malfunctions with recent versions of iTunes. Max is an alternative, but seems a bit overkill just for this job.

  25. The new 7digital

    MP3s from EMI, cheaper than those from iTunes Music Store. (via Boing Boing)

  26. - Download Music from MySpace

    Creates links to mp3s of songs in a MySpace page’s music player. Try, for example, ‘georgepringle’.

  27. The Perfumed Garden: Brian Eno & The Winkies - 5th March 1974

    I had no idea Eno did a Peel Session, but here it is!

  28. Music: Pocketbooks: Indie-Pop | Nothing But Green Lights: A UK mp3 blog.

    Loving this song. The first to feature an Oyster Card and London Underground fare boundaries? Sometimes it’s like Sarah Records never went away.

  29. Potion Factory Blog » Blog Archive » Introducing Tangerine

    Interesting Mac app for creating iTunes playlists organised by BPM. It’s BPM-working-out algorithm needs some tweaking though, as it’s more miss than hit for me (eg, it thinks a few slow acoustic guitar tracks are 180 BPM). (via Plasticbag)

  30. UBUWEB :: Alvin Lucier

    Lucier’s ‘I Am Sitting in a Room’ track, which Paul Morley goes on (and on and on) about in his ‘Words and Music’ book, as MP3. 1969 tape recording avant-garde.

  31. Today’s Blog Music / The Hype Machine - discover, listen and buy music discussed on the best mp3 blogs

    MP3 blog aggregator that lets you play the aggregated music in a Flash player.

  32. Mocking Music: NME C86: Side B

    This makes me very happy. MP3s of all tracks on the NME’s C86 tape. I only started listening to jangly indie stuff a year or two later, so this is nearly all new to me. Twenty years, blimey.

  33. - Soviet Music

    Lots of free Soviet MP3s. Hear a choir sing (apparently) ‘Capital Oppresses Us’ and other family favourites. Also, speeches and lots of Soviet posters.


    What was Norm’s 78 Record Room. Oodles of old country, blues, regional US records downloadable as MP3s.

  35. Jacob Borshard

    ‘The Last Brontosaurus’ is my current favourite album and it’s free! Treading the fine line between twee and heart-breaking. (via Said the Gramophone)

  36. Classic Cat - the free classical music directory

    Directory with links to musicians’ sites with free MP3s of their classical performances.

  37. BBC - Radio 3 - Beethoven Experience - downloads

    So close. Otherwise fab idea greatly marred by not splitting MP3s into movements and including the announcer’s long introduction! Doh.

  38. The Tofu Hut - Monday, May 09, 2005

    Huge categorised list of MP3 blogs and other sites with free MP3s.

  39. The Suburbs Are Killing Us

    Brilliant MP3 blog but no RSS/Atom feed.

  40. Freewheel Records - Sounds

    Complete albums in MP3 for free.

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