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2009-09-22 (Tuesday)


  1. Historical Blogging

    Pretty fantastic. Students from The Anderson School in New York created blogs, IM chats and blog comments for American Civil War-era characters. Have a read.

  2. zSHARE - Jaguar Skills x Kid Potential - 30 Years Of Hip-Hop In 60 Minutes.mp3

    If you haven’t already, you want that inconspicuous “Download this File” link. 538 tracks in an hour.

  3. Legally required paid annual leave around the world, in days (05wwln.400.690.jpg)

    Although some US states do have legal minimums apparently (via Haddock)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Last time I did maths my calculator couldn't play music, make phone calls, display maps of here... It hadn't even heard of the Internet.

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    Wandering over to Moo's 3rd birthday party thing.

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    Navigated Facebook documentation and finally posted a message to a Wall. Feel like Colonel Fawcett if he had actually discovered city of Z.

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    I find Facebook baffling enough... their developer documentation is a whole other level of bafflement.