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2006-06-24 (Saturday)


  1. Foundation course final essay

    The final essay I wrote about the course — what had worked for me and what hadn’t.

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  2. Category Archives with MTMultiBlog

    How to get the Movable Type MTMultiBlog plugin displaying entries in category pages correctly.



  1. Web Development with… Safari : journal : hicksdesign Ο°

    If you download a WebKit nightly build there’s a handy inspector for debugging CSS problems in Safari.


    What was Norm’s 78 Record Room. Oodles of old country, blues, regional US records downloadable as MP3s.

  3. Where the Hell is Matt?

    Pick-you-up, swing-you-around uplifting, brilliant, simple genius. Would be 33% even better without the sponsor’s logo at the end. (via Haddock)

  4. Analyst Equity: Mid-Atlantic reading on the English

    I like the summary of American/English character differences (via ObLinks).

  5. Jacob Borshard

    ‘The Last Brontosaurus’ is my current favourite album and it’s free! Treading the fine line between twee and heart-breaking. (via Said the Gramophone)

  6. A List Apart: Articles: The Bathing Ape Has No Clothes (and other notes on the distinction between style and design)

    I’m sure I’ll need this again at some point. On why so many “designers” are actually “stylists”.