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2004-11-26 (Friday)


  1. Toshiba Storage Devices

    2.5” hard drives, only go up to 100GB so far.

  2. Viaduct

    Oh for a modern furniture site that doesn’t use Flash.

  3. BBC Radio Player

    Direct link to the pop-up.

  4. The Suburbs Are Killing Us

    Brilliant MP3 blog but no RSS/Atom feed.

  5. Peel sessions: band index

    Index of Peel Sessions, 1992-2002.

  6. Freewheel Records - Sounds

    Complete albums in MP3 for free.

  7. » Posting to your Blog from a POP3 account

    Including simple “how to install Perl modules” guide.

  8. Dokusha Home Page

    Japanese text reader, dictionary and “study system” for Palms.

  9. Screen User’s Manual

    More comprehensive guide.

  10. Transmutable: 93 Photo Street

    Free software for publishing web pages of location-based photos.