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2009-06-04 (Thursday)



  1. Walton-on-the-Naze network - Welcome

    A social network for the small coastal town of Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex.

  2. Walton Tales - Windows Live

    A blog and photos about the history of Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex.

  3. Stupidfresh: Highs in the low 70s

    A nice summery bunch of summery tunes for the summer. (via Soul Sides)

  4. Online Backup from Backblaze

    After reading poor reviews of on Cool Tools, I’m giving Backblaze, which got better reviews, a try. (Warning, annoying auto-play video.)


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    Calling them "non housemates" is about as convincing as calling prisoners of war "enemy combatants". Stupid bloody idea. #bb10

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    @dracos @crystaltips @Doctoe Yes, @hashdash is just as incomprehensible to me too... What a mess. #bb10

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    Watching the Big Brother launch show, if only to have some idea what the newspapers I don't read will be talking about. #bb10

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    #fontsongs Man in the Myriad; Franklin, Mr. Shankly;

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    Loading camera film for the first time in... ten years? First black and white film in... seventeen?

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    Queuing in Whitecross Street for hog. With scotch eggs for the future already in my pockets.

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    But if you ask for "either £1.50 or £2" for a book, your customer will leave feeling either mean or ripped-off.

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    Our polling station features a second hand book sale. This is the form of democracy we should be exporting to the world.

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    Gordon Brown can stay if he'll let the cabinet shave his eyebrows and draw a moustache and glasses onto his face #bb10

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    loving getting @samuelpepys popping up in between the #bb10 tweets. he thinks Charlie will win, but would "like, totally do Sophie"