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  1. The Battle for the Soul of Buy Nothing | WIRED

    A good read, mostly interesting for how hard it is to get groups to move from Facebook.

  2. LadBaby and the wild rise of the Facebook Famous | WIRED UK

    Mainly interesting for the differences between famous creators and the types of content on different platforms. (also via Web Curios)

  3. Future Historians Probably Won’t Understand Our Internet - The Atlantic

    On the impossibility of archiving the experience of using social media, even if ignoring the fact, like this article seems to, that so much of social media is private to some degree. (via @kevin2kelly)

  4. A Sense of Where You Are — Elegant Tools — Medium

    Tom Broxton very good on gathering evidence about how long the designing and building of digital things actually take, so you can convince people your pessimistic-sounding estimates are accurate.

  5. Facebook should make a camera ( 3 Jul., 2012, at Interconnected)

    I’m still amazed how unprogressive the camera market is. Aside from lack of product design innovation, cameras are so unconnected. Here we are in 2012 and very, very few even have wifi or GPS, never mind 3G, slick interfaces, integration with third-party services, etc.

  6. Instagram as an island economy (11 Apr., 2012, at Interconnected)

    The same with Matt Webb’s thoughts on Lanchester’s piece. Belatedly adding it to my link memory.

  7. Ian Bogost - What should we do for a living?

    An interesting addition to that stuff about the value of Instagram etc coming from the activity of its users (or not): Do those users only have time for this activity because of the “leisure time bought by jobs in the non-Internet economy”?

  8. Nick Sweeney: work and non work

    Nick on the Instagram/Facebook thing, the value of work/play and user contributions. the CDDB comparison’s an interesting one.

  9. The Reaction To ‘Girls Around Me’ Was Far More Disturbing Than The ‘Creepy’ App Itself - Forbes

    Yeah, this I think. There is creepiness around the app but, also, I can use my *eyes* to *see* girls around me but not many people are suggesting we put out our eyes or make all women hide themselves when out in public.

  10. Once Upon - today and tomorrow

    Lovely reworking of Google+, YouTube and Facebook in the style of the 1997 web. I am always going to love the various looks of the 1990s web. (via Waxy)

  11. ThinkUp Archives and Analyzes Your Social Media Life | Smarterware

    This looks very good. So much more than just archiving your activity on services, which would be a good thing in itself.

  12. Help Center | Facebook

    How to download all of your “information” from your Facebook account. (vi Preoccupations)

  13. A Facebook story | A mother’s joy and a family’s sorrow | The Washington Post

    An obviously sad story, but actually bookmarked as an example of an annotated set of Facebook updates as a news story.

  14. Obama London: Inexplicable Edits on Sarah Palin’s Facebook Page

    It’s fascinating how quickly Palin’s team remove comments (and fair enough; it’s their page). It’s annoying how many people shout that this is “censorship”, as if they wouldn’t do the same if the tables were turned.

  15. ThinkUp: Social Media Insights Engine

    Looks fascinating - a PHP/MySQL project you can install which then grabs your Twitter and Facebook network info and processes and graphs it al. (via Preoccupations)

  16. Mess with the Misfits -

    This is very nicely done. Do let it connect with Facebook. I wanted it to do more, but it’s very fun. (I have no connection to the ‘Misfits’ web stuff this series.) (via Haddock)

  17. Facebook News Feed Settings: Random or Not, Biggest Secrets Revealed - The Daily Beast

    Reverse engineering how Facebook’s Top News feed decides what to show you. (via Kottke)

  18. Hacker News | I’m done building Facebook apps for clients

    More people discussing the frustrations of developing for Facebook.

  19. I’m done building Facebook apps for clients | Ryan Waggoner

    Yes, this. I’ve only done Facebook Connect stuff, not built actual FB apps, but, it’s unpleasant and frustrating. Stick to the Web.

  20. Why trust Facebook with the future’s past? — Scott Rosenberg’s Wordyard

    Twitter and Facebook are storing what will be our history, but it’s not accessible. (Which is why I have my own public archive of my Twitters, and rarely use Facebook.) (via Preoccupations)

  21. iClarified - Mac OS X - How to Setup Facebook Chat Within iChat

    I didn’t know you could do this. A bit odd having my “Facebook friends” (rather than my usual, “online” friends) there all the time. Plus they think I’m using Facebook *all day*.

  22. Doonesbury@Slate - Daily Dose - 8 November 2009

    “Dad, you make it sound like social media is ruining my life! It’s NOT!”

  23. Facebook Developers | Platform Live Status

    Current status of the Facebook platform.

  24. Mu — Mu Connect

    A JavaScript library for making interaction with Facebook Connect easier. Which I somehow didn’t find when it would have been useful to me.

  25. Memories of Friends Departed Endure on Facebook | Facebook

    After hearing, a while back, about Yahoo denying access to relatives and then closing accounts of the deceased, this sounds very good. (via Preoccupations)

  26. Test Accounts - Facebook Developer Wiki

    For when developing and testing Apps. Because I’ll need this again

  27. Facebook Connect CodeIgniter Library « Elliot Haughin

    That photo does not endear me to the chap but this is still quite handy if you’re after that kind of thing.

  28. Linking Facebook Connect - Stack Overflow

    “how do I make it so I can store the facebook user ID into my MySQL database as part of the current users information?”

  29. Facebook | News Feed and Wall Privacy

    Opt out of having your photos appear in advertisements shown to your friends. YOUR PHOTOS APPEAR IN ADVERTISEMENTS SHOWN TO YOUR FRIENDS. ffs. (via Haddock)


    Launching soon, a backup for Flickr and weblogs. Google Docs, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook backup promised. As I said earlier, all these sites should offer this service by default. (via Blech)

  31. Facebook | I Know Hans Montanana

    A group for the music teacher at my old school. Reading the many enthusiastic posts… it’s like he’s the lead in a Hollywood movie about a teacher inspiring kids or something. Lovely.

  32. Lunch over IP: What social networking site is popular where

    A map and charts showing relative popularity of Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Friendster, etc in different continents. Amazing how much it varies. (via ChrisDodo)

  33. With friends like these … Tom Hodgkinson on the politics of the people behind Facebook | Technology | The Guardian

    Yes, all very well, but I’m guessing Hodgkinson hasn’t analysed the beliefs of the bosses of every company he has any interaction with, only the most attention-grabbing.

  34. Facebook | My Privacy

    The page for opting out of Facebook’s Beacon “feature” that tells people what you’ve been buying on other sites.

  35. What bugs me is not identity fraud but who will be watchdog to BBC’s Watchdog

    Funny piece by Toby Young about Watchdog’s Facebook identity theft scare mongering. (via ObLinks)

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