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2012-07-05 (Thursday)



  1. Facebook should make a camera ( 3 Jul., 2012, at Interconnected)

    I’m still amazed how unprogressive the camera market is. Aside from lack of product design innovation, cameras are so unconnected. Here we are in 2012 and very, very few even have wifi or GPS, never mind 3G, slick interfaces, integration with third-party services, etc.

  2. Building and dismantling the Windows advantage | asymco

    Blimey, those are quite some graphs, showing ratio of Windows:Mac, and Windows:Apple sales over time. (via Daring Fireball)


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    @suegyford No, too far away / wrong angle. Which I thinks possibly a good thing.

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    The lasers did look brighter and more impressive from 20 minutes walk away. But up close Tower Bridge looked much better than the Shard.

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    @matlock @holgate And one from earlier:

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    @boringfileclerk But boring is not good when you've advertised a spectacular laser light show opening ceremony.

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    But even so, it was still lovely to be out on a warm night with thousands of good natured Londoners blocking traffic. More of that.

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    The Shard is the most anti-climactic building in Europe. #shardfacts

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    10.42 and I see my first police. I'm guessing they were somehow taken by surprise.

    Westminster, England, United Kingdom

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    I get the sense nobody planned for thousands of people standing on London Bridge this evening.

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    Heading towards some crowds heading towards the Shard. #PhilFacts

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    Large swing band playing outside the Langham. London has pleasantly surprised me the last couple of days. Must get out more.

    Westminster, England, United Kingdom

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    @DeanVipond Hey, you should come up and see my traffic stats sometime.

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    Over 9.5 years I added 56,642 hyperlinks to Mr Pepys’ 3,434 diary entries. There are 4,790 Encyclopedia topics and 69,585 comments.

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    @alicebartlett @genmon scrubs up well!

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    @simonw Horrible isn’t it. Puts me off more than the queues.

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    Love love love the person with the all hail sauron sign at the shard

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    I love the fact that a paper sign saying "all hail sauron" has rained on 'The Shard's' parade. £1 > £500m

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    Había un hombre con un cartel "All hail Sauron" xD

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    Can't believe I sacrificed a perfectly good evening of masturbating and then crying myself to sleep for that. #shard

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    well played @stml. upstaged the tallest building in Europe.

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    MASSIVE crowds at #shard - some total legend is waving a placard saying ALL HAIL SAURON which made my day


    When a homemade paper sign is the best thing there you know you are in trouble #shard light show

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    Guy on london bridge with ALL HAIL SAURON sign is best thing here #shard