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2009-11-09 (Monday)


  1. The Online Photographer: Panasonic GF1 vs. Olympus E-P1, Part I

    Solely for this quote: “These two [bundled] applications just can’t possibly be as lame and useless as they appear to be … They can’t be—right? Because if faced with a choice of working day in, day out in one of these environments or picking up trash by the side of the freeway with a pointy stick guarded by a fat man with a shotgun and a big wad of tobacco in his cheek, I would need time to decide. They both seem like they’d be torture, but least in a chain gang I’d be outdoors.”

  2. Doonesbury@Slate - Daily Dose - 8 November 2009

    “Dad, you make it sound like social media is ruining my life! It’s NOT!”

  3. Vintage Posters — SSPL Prints

    Hundreds of old rail posters etc reprinted for the purchasing of. Very tempting.


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    @spaceboy Library! Billiard room! Sauna! Abbatoir!

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    It's woolly hat weather. Indoors. #brutalisthomeoffice