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2011-02-17 (Thursday)


  1. Help Center | Facebook

    How to download all of your “information” from your Facebook account. (vi Preoccupations)

  2. London’s first aerial walkways | News | Property news | Homes & Property

    I’m assuming it’s just the Standard’s subeditor who thinks these are the “first aerial walkways” in London, rather than architecture writer Ruth Bloomfield. That would be silly… 


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    @antimega Don't think I'll make breakfast. I'm expecting: Sleep > Bacon.

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    @ranarama I am *not* going to wear my pink tutu! #yesido #noimnot

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    @secretbean Welcome! We have put on traditional grey weather for your return! Doesn’t it suit us!

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    @mildlydiverting You’re very kind, but you haven’t seen the code :)

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    Even with ClickToFlash installed, I still occasionally visit sites which beachball Safari for minutes while loading. How do they *do* that?