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2017-12-19 (Tuesday)


  1. Future Historians Probably Won’t Understand Our Internet - The Atlantic

    On the impossibility of archiving the experience of using social media, even if ignoring the fact, like this article seems to, that so much of social media is private to some degree. (via @kevin2kelly)

  2. The Dangers of Elite Projection - Human Transit

    A useful term. (via several people on Twitter)


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    @DanielDanielyes @samuelpepys The diary was written in a documented form of shorthand, Shelton’s Tachygraphy, rather than code.

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    @EvieGold67 @DanBotterz @samuelpepys They are chronological. You can read the entire diary entries on

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    Rufus is retiring… I only ever attempted the crossword on Mondays so I wonder how I’ll fare now they’ll never be his.

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    Every single part of Tewkesbury Abbey is a band name waiting to happen.