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2010-10-24 (Sunday)



  1. Will Bad CGI Breath Cost The Social Network a Visual Effects Oscar Nomination? | Movieline

    Glad it wasn’t just me that found that weird CGI breath distracting. It looked like some weird Harry Potter-esque evil spirits escaping from their mouths.

  2. Some thoughts on Lightroom Keywords – Chuqui 3.0

    I’m fascinated, amused and horrified that people have to spend so much time on thinking about the kind of thing that was once a relatively obscure part of a small profession. (via John Beardsworth)

  3. Facebook News Feed Settings: Random or Not, Biggest Secrets Revealed - The Daily Beast

    Reverse engineering how Facebook’s Top News feed decides what to show you. (via Kottke)


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    Running a fan site for a director who hasn't made a film in years is one thing. Keeping up when they finally start filming again is another.

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    @gwire I was indeed watching a French documentary, and it was quite good in a slow way.

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    I love paying more than ten quid for the cinema and then having to sit through 10-20 adverts. GREAT! Such good value for money!!!

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    Branches of Patisserie Valerie: all the delight and pleasure of cake-stuffed cafes with none of the delight and pleasure.

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    First joint cycle with @maryloosemore (Barbican to Angel) a success!